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Lalela Media is an Edtech, Digital Media company with a focus on educating and creating through innovation. 

We started this journey in 2012 with the original company, For Music Lovers. Our focus back then was Online Radio, with the creation and operation of one of South Africas most popular online youth radio stations, Assembly Radio. By understanding the online space and analysing how our audience listened and consumed online media, our focus shifted to what we saw as the evolution of radio. 

Lalela Media was formed to push the limits and maximize the potential of an already powerful format. The Podcast. 

We have since produced a number of amazing shows through the years. From Space Life and Other Dumb Ideas, Kiss and Tell with Lady Skollie to The Elle Decoration Podcast. We have always looked to partner with talent and creatives that shared our vision.  

The ethos at Lalela Media is to always grow and to push the boundaries of what we are doing. 

Our vision lead us to quite literally think and ask the question -  "How can podcasts change the world?" 

The answer was easy... and here we are now.