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Access for all...

PLR NPC is a Non Profit Company focused on growing the reach and providing access to top educational learning content from around the world for learners who are in low income households and rural areas. 

Learners around the country are faced with challenges that prevent them from receiving a good standard of education. Schools, teachers and small towns lack the resources to provide for learners. 

Internet access and data costs are also obstacles that hinder the growth of technology in these areas. 

With the help from funders, PLR NPC will be able to break through some of these barriers and reach out to learners in low income and rural areas. 

Lalela Media and PLR NPC are currently looking at "low data/no data" solutions to communicate and deliver learning materials to learners with little or no resources. 


The PLR intervention team is dedicated to visiting schools around the country, carrying out workshops and introducing learners to the vast world of the educational content accessible to them. 

Not only will the team work with learners to show them how to access content, they will also teach them how to create and share their own knowledge through online platforms like PLR and Youtube. 


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