We believe in the power of the audio as an effective method of learning.

Spoken word audio content is vivid, imaginative, engaging and unlike video, data consumption is low. When plugged into headphones, listeners can block out the distractions and noises surrounding them and concentrate on every word being said.

Like being told a story, audio content harnesses the listeners imagination, painting a picture in their minds. Listeners are forced to use a part of their brain often neglected in today’s environment to understand and absorb information.

Learners can listen to lessons at their own pace and unlike in the classroom, with a click of a button, they can rewind and repeat complicated topics without feeling embarrassed or self conscious. 


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 Physical Science

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Podcast Production

Rich, informative, entertaining and well produced audio content - downloadable and listened to anywhere any time.

Lalela Media provides the complete podcast creation and facilitation service from start to finish.
We aim to help you expand your business from the written word to a fully engaging and captivating listening experience that can be heard around the world.

Our main objective is to enable you to plan, record and publish your podcasts with minimal fuss or effort. We can even travel to your office or home and set up to record at your convenience.
We will then edit, master and mix, upload and publish your podcast ready for your audience to listen to.

Audiences across the country (and the world) will be able to access your podcast from either a player on your website, the Podcast app on iOS/ iTunes or from popular Android apps such as Stitcher.