Play learn rewind is an online platform with a focus on bringing together communities of learners, teachers and tutors. providing them with the tools to create and share educational content, accessed by young learners all over the world. 

The play learN rewind application delivers audio micro lessons through its unique learning platform developed specifically with convenience and ease of access in mind. 

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EAsy ACCESS & convenience

Play Learn Rewind makes it simple to listen and learn - anywhere, anytime. Walking, running, driving, on the bus, in a train or even doing the washing up at home, theres always time to plug in and listen. Access to knowledge should be easy and convenient for everyone.

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Data lite & offline mode 

Audio files are smaller than video, which is one of the reasons why PLR works. We make sure we cram as much information into our micro lessons as possible and then we let your brain fill in the gaps and do the rest of the work. It's quick to download content and you can even listen and learn off line

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TRACKING & analysis

Users have the ability to track their own progress through the modules and lessons. PLR can also provide insights on how learners/employees engage in the platform and their progress through the learning material. In-built quizzes and questionnaires give us the ability to obtain in depth feedback from the user. 

Using Play Learn Rewind is intuitive and familiar, much like how you search and listen to music on a smartphone or MP3 player. Learners can progress at their own pace, pausing, rewinding and repeating when necessary…and repeating when necessary. Key features include - Offline mode, low data usage, notes and attachments, quizzes and rewards.

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Some of the biggest challenges we face with education in South Africa include the lack of resources, facilities and qualified, motivated teachers.  Learners in poor, rural areas often do not have access to a consistent and good standard of teaching. In many cases teachers fail to turn up to class. The environment at schools and homes are also often an issue resulting in poor learning, distraction, poor examination results and eventually learners dropping out. Delivering educational content, whether physical or digital can be difficult and expensive. Online video content is data heavy. 

With high quality audio micro lessons, we can deliver knowledge far and wide to learners wherever they are. Learners can absorb lessons at their own pace and unlike in the classroom, with a click of a button, they can rewind and repeat complicated topics.


iOS version coming soon


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